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Families come to Antalya for two weeks to attend therapy sessions. They stay in hotels in Kemer area close to the Dolphin Therapy Land. In order to attend a 10-day dolphin therapy families come for two weeks. (There are 5-day dolphin therapy programs available as well. In order to join this program families come for seven days.)

You will be met at the airport by Dolphin Therapy Land transfer team with a poster which has our logo on it and will take you to your hotel. (This service is free of charge.)

Since you provide us with your travel plans and accommodation details, our therapy team will come to see you at your hotel and get to know you better on the day of your arrival. That's when we will tell you all the details about the dolphin therapy and how it will take place. Therapist will also listen to the family's suggestions and take them into account. (You will have the same dolphin therapist during all the dolphin therapy sessions. The same therapist will spend time with your child during post-therapy activities.) After you have met our team, you will start your therapy the next day.

After your child is changed into proper swimwear that you brought with you, he/she will enter the pool with the help of the therapist. The child will be taken into the water gradually and slowly and will meet dolphins there. The child will be washed by the therapist after the session. (Our therapy rooms have hot water, shower for the disabled, adjustable bed for changing your child, toiletries and towels.)

We have four specially trained bottlenose dolphins, three of them are used specifically for therapy

According to the dolphin therapy program, a patient swims with dolphins for half an hour each day. After the dolphin therapy an especially developed program for your child continues with participation of your personal dolphin therapist which lasts for 30-60 minutes. (Ergotherapy, fun swimming, group games, etc.) A strong bond is built between a therapist and a patient in the course of activities. Thanks to the bond further therapy becomes more beneficial.

We have an especially designated place just for the family of the child undergoing a therapy for meetings and to watch the therapy sessions. Families can watch their child and take photos and videos.

The whole family will be able to swim with dolphins on the last day of therapy in order to experience swimming with dolphins and the power of dolphin therapy. (Free of charge)

On the last day there will be a meeting where therapy will be assessed. You will be provided with an analytical report at the end of dolphin therapy.

The goals of the Dolphin Therapy Land are: to draw attention to the patient's needs, find solutions for the problems, promote awareness, give confidence and sustainable treatment to the patient and his/her family. We are striving to make a difference in the angels' lives.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

Dolphin Therapy Prices

Benefits of Dolphin Therapy

Once our patients come out of therapy with a heightened sense of awareness and a stronger connection with their surroundings, they are able to learn more from their human relations. Therefore, the patient becomes better adapted to learn and improve with other forms of therapy such as vocal therapy, physiotherapy, ergo therapy and psychotherapy.

A personal bond of appreciation and awe springs between the patient and the dolphin that is completely free of prejudice. This natural and pure relationship induces joy and peace. Experiments have shown that swimming with dolphins has a positive effect on patients with depression and dolphins' sonic waves positively influence alfa waves in human brain.

These marine mammals can feel the characteristic vibrations of the patient's organs via the ultrasound. It has been proven that when the ultrasound enters the spine and the brain it stimulates the production of chemicals in the nervous system that makes it work more efficiently. During this direct contact with dolphins the feelings of fear, stress and tension are reduced. The person feels that positive energies are starting to flow and becomes free from negative emotions. Once the level of physical and psychological disability is determined, a course of 10 days of dolphin therapy sessions is developed taking into account individual differences.

Conclusions and recommendations are made based on communication with parents, the patient and the doctor before and after the dolphin therapy. At the end of each dolphin therapy session the patient's positive perceptions, emotions and feelings are checked together with parents. Experienced physicians and therapists are present during the individual sessions of each patient to make sure the patient is comfortable with the session and is not getting overloaded.

With the help of Dolphin therapy patients can suddenly start doing things they have never done before. They can laugh for the first time, say first words or move without cramps after not being able to do it for a long time. The patients' self-confidence, awareness and perception increase, they can control their bodies better and their learning process improves. They feel a part of the world and try hard to succeed.

A chance to swim with these powerful and big animals that can paint, sing, play ball, spin a hoop, somersault and swim fast promotes development of new skills and encourages learning new things.

Swimming with dolphins enhances joy and peace, strengthens the immune system, increases interest in the outside world, improves attention, increases awareness and self-confidence and improves the feeling of compassion as well as human relations. After the Dolphin therapy children with disabilities become faster learners.

There are five and ten-day dolphin therapy options.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

Disorder Types That Benefit From Dolphin Therapy

The conditions listed below were treated with dolphin therapy. Of course, each method has its own important points.

Once our physicians have reviewed the findings of the patient's previous physicians and the information provided in the questionnaires, they will then decide on how the therapist can help and on the best treatment method for your individual case.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

Severe Psychological and Complex Traumas
Post-Coma Conditions
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Ecological Adaptation Disorders
Children's Neuroses
Children with Cerebral Palsy
Brain Paralysis
Neurotic Disorder
Brain Trauma
Delayed Psychological Development
Delayed Speech Development

What is Dolphin Therapy?

Dolphin therapy helps patients with physical, mental and psychological disorders, enabling them to regain their health by inducing joy and comfort, reigniting interest in surroundings, helping with focus and self-discipline. Dolphin therapy has a high success rate. People who participated in the therapy show significant improvements.

  • Cognitive development
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Social and functional life skills
  • Speech and language

The method we use is an animal assisted therapy where especially trained dolphins and therapists with 14 years of experience work together. Our dolphins know how to communicate with patients instinctively with the supervision of physicians, dolphin trainers and dolphin therapists. In the course of the contact with dolphins the patients acquire the confidence and energy which they could not receive with the help of medicine.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

Science behind dolphin-assisted therapy

Dolphin therapy studies started in America about 40 years ago. In those years children diagnosed with polio, mental and developmental retardation, neuroses as well as various disorders that occur in children living in areas with high environmental pollution and many other psychological and physiological disorders participated in dolphin-assisted rehabilitation programs. After having received positive results scientists started experimenting with other diseases of the central nervous system. In particular, scientists wrote articles on the conclusions they obtained and included dolphin therapy in the scientific literature in 1990 - 2000 (L. Lukina 1994, 2000, 2001, M. Кlingel 1996,R. Blow 1995, S. Donohi 1996).

Today we know that dolphins trigger positive developments in people with various conditions, however, not all the human brain structure and functions have been understood and the links between them are not clear.

Thanks to the sonar's high frequency, the healing body reaction called "sonophoresis" develops in patients participating in the dolphin therapy program. Sonophoresis improves the frequency of the electromagnetic alpha waves produced by the human brain which increases the production of endorphins responsible for a good immune system, proper sleep, learning ability and good memory.

Low-frequency electromagnetic waves transmitted by a dolphin positively stimulate the human brain epiphysis. Due to this, the concentration of the adrenocorticotropic hormone in the brain naturally increases. Scientific studies have shown that social interaction increases in children when the adrenocorticotropic hormone is supplied with an external synthetic analogue.

The adrenocorticotropic hormone helps nerve cells to regenerate. An increased endorphin production promotes the development of comprehension and communication skills.

Ultrasonic waves and audible sounds produced by the dolphins improve blood and lymph circulation, which promotes better nutrition and development of all body cells.

Besides the physiological effects dolphin-assisted therapy has a strong psychotherapeutic effect. This effect happens due to communication and play exercises between the person and a dolphin.

Dolphins' natural curiosity and positive approach make it easier for a person to communicate with them. This positive communication strengthens the person's emotional development.

The sessions, which resemble a game between a person and a dolphin, help the individual to learn, reach goals and improve concentration.

Development of compatibility and positive behavior patterns: An exercise program is specifically developed for each person with the professional support of the psychologist and the positive, well-intentioned contribution of the dolphin.

Exercises given to a person during the sessions are carried out with a dolphin's support and seeing someone completing a task increases the individual's self-confidence.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

What is dolphins' sonar?

Echolocation, also called bio sonar, is the biological sonar used by several kinds of animals. Echolocating animals emit calls out to the environment and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near them. Dolphins, highly intelligent and active mammals, utilize sonar to their advantage when navigating through the ocean. Sonar provides dolphins with an advantage of hearing and detecting things with precision. Apart from detecting objects in the water, dolphins also depend on sonar to communicate with one another, including their young. Sonar not only helps dolphins to hear, but it gives them a clearer picture of objects underwater.

Dolphins' sonar system has been systematically studied by scientists (A. Supin, V. Popov and V. Maas in the Sensory Physiology of Aquatic Mammals, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001). Most of scientific studies took place in indoor or outdoor pools and aquariums.

The environment where the dolphins are located does not affect their echolocating abilities due to the fact that the reflection of a sound can never be stronger than the original one. For instance, they can make louder sounds to examine more distant objects so that sounds can be reflected back when they reach those objects. And while examining the nearby objects they make quieter sounds.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

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